Growth Model

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Definition: A growth model measures change in student academic performance rather than status

What This Means: When NCLB mandated a status standard for AYP and described only quasi-longitudinal growth as an alternate indicator, failing schools that seemed to be improving but not reaching the annual objective for AYP sought recognition for growth in student performance. USED now allows states to use a growth model under specific guidelines if acceptable growth is great enough to move students toward proficiency by the end of a school’s grade span. States have also embraced growth models irrespective of NCLB acceptance.


The essence of a growth model is that it detects whether or not a student’s assessment scores from one year to another are improving that student’s proficiency level. Some growth models project a student’s longitudinal trend on an assessment to estimate whether or not the student will be proficient by a target grade level. How much growth is enough is a significant decision for any growth model. (See Value-Added Model.) (See our Optimal Reference Book, “”Growth Models-finding Real Gains”” at”


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