EDFacts D&A

EDFacts D&A Insights – Directory and Grades Offered

  • Tableau allows us to take advantage of the NCES geocodes for district boundaries.
  • Each LEA with the correct boundaries is displayed in the Directory Map of LEAs. 
  • The circle in each LEA shape represents the number of schools within that LEA.  This is possible by merging your EDFacts submission file 029 – Directory with NCES GeographicDistrictBoundary file.
  • Filtering the LEA boundary maps displaying grade Spans can show gaps in the state and changes through the years. 


EDFacts Dashboards and Analytics (D&A)

For years, you, your program offices, and districts have invested many hours and significant burden submitting EDFacts data.  You submit your data annually in a format that’s difficult to review and use for reports.  Additionally, it’s often two years or more before you can get a snapshot of your data in a visual way from ED Data Express, thus making the data far less meaningful.

EDFacts D&A is a powerful tool that provides graphically enhanced, meaningful, and timely reports/visualizations of EDFacts comparative data when uploaded. EDFacts D&A  includes the elements in the US Department of Education’s EDFacts Reporting System as well as additional reports/visualizations created by our experienced EDFacts staff at ESP Solutions Group.

The key differentiators for EDFacts D&A are:

  • EDFacts data are available for visualizing upon their submission to the United States Department of Education, thus eliminating two- and three-year delays in viewing reports from ED Data Express.
  • Built on Tableau as the BI visualization tool, the capabilities of the dashboards and visualizations far exceed the ED Data Express reporting system.
  • ESP’s experienced team continues to develop actionable reports/visualizations, including all current EDFacts reports, beyond the current ED Data Express offerings.
  • Each EDFacts D&A visualization features overarching questions and actions around specific EDFacts submission data, and those data are then presented in that visualization. 

See a Sample Set of EDFacts Dashboards & Analytics

EDFacts D&A provides visualizations that are robust, analytical, and highly informative in the way they represent EDFacts data.  This empowers states and districts to analyze EDFacts data clearly through a graphically enhanced lens for data-driven decision making.

Any SEA Can Benefit from EDFacts D&A!

EDFacts D&A visualizations are a companion product of ESP’s EDFacts Shared State Solution (ES3); however, all states may benefit from the use of EDFacts D&A whether a partner of ES3 or not.  Visualizations are provided as a separate reporting tool for non-ES3 SEAs.  Any SEA can upload their standard EDFacts submission files from the most recent five school-year cycles for display of all visualizations.

Why is EDFacts D&A So Easy?

Every state and reporting territory has their most current five years of EDFacts data ready to upload.  The same submission files that go to EDFacts upload to EDFacts D&A.

EDFacts D&A News

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