Support Team

Steve King, Glynn Ligon, and Barbara Clements (recently retired from ESP) knew there was a better way. After ESP had built and managed EDFacts solutions for a half a dozen states, it was clear that a shared solution was possible, even necessary to achieve a reasonable level of efficiency—and risk avoidance. Here’s the team of experts that designed and now manages that EDFacts Shared State Solution.

ES3 has a unique support team. We have experience from the classroom to the federal government level and in the corporate world. Most significantly, our team members share experiences with our clients. Please take a moment to get acquainted with us from the very brief blurbs below and follow the links on individual names for more details.

Steven King

Steve ran a lighthouse state education agency information system office before ESP managed to hire him to be our chief architect. The U.S. Department of Education and individual state education agencies look to him for guidance on practical issues like, “How in the world do we make this work now that we’ve decided to go this way?” Steve was an EDFacts pioneer who created the original XML submission formats for ED. The whole team looks to Steve to vet ideas and give the nod to deliverables.

Evangelina Mangino, Ph.D.

Evangelina can tease out of an organization the little details that describe every one of their EDFacts data sources. You should see how she can visualize data to represent the meaning and usefulness in them. Most clients never imagined getting so much value out of working with her. Life still has some wonderful surprises. Her EDFacts submission status chart was a milestone in our management of projects with client SEAs.

Gregory Palmer

Greg climbed out of the classroom into the principal’s office, then on to the IT manager’s back room. Now at ESP, he has insight into the requirements schools and districts have for their technology—oh, yes, and the data they need from it. Plus he has first-hand experience with the large-scale, statewide P20W systems that stretch everyone’s creativity. Come on, challenge him with the EDFacts visualizations.

Darrell Prather

Darrell is the guru of EDFacts submissions, having assisted 10 different states to be at the top of ED’s rankings. Darrell can check out an SEAs source data, make all the transformations, and create the most beautiful submission file that any EDFacts Coordinator would love.

Rebecca Fanestiel

Rebecca has the magic to copy your past EDFacts submission files into ES3’s Compare Tables, then create ES3’s versions of the submission files to validate that she’s producing exact duplicate numbers. She basically runs our confidence game. Attention to detail, attention to the client, and attention to the ever-changing EDFacts specifications characterize her role for ES3.

Zachary Tavel

Zach created this website for you. As a creative student at The University of Texas at Austin, Zach ensures ES3 is supported by social media throughout cyber space and all you need to access every smidgen of information about ES3 is a browser.

Glynn D. Ligon, Ph.D.

Glynn brings a local, state, national, and personal perspective to every project. He has visited every state education agency, most extra-governmental territories, and an abundance of local school districts. His insights are reflected in ESP’s products that can govern an organization’s metadata, collect and report quality data from the schools to the state, and send any state’s data to the feds flawlessly. Glynn knows that no system or national standard is static, so working in partnership with clients is always an opportunity to learn and create even better solutions to support decision making.