State Report Manager (SRM)

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ESP Solutions Group’s State Report Manager (SRM)™ is a fully-automated reporting tool that coordinates statewide data collections. SRM reduces the burden on agencies by giving their districts complete control over their data submissions. SRM manages the entire process of consolidating, cleaning, formatting, certifying, and exchanging data between agencies, ensuring that states receive a perfect file every time!  Designed by experts in P20W, data quality, and data management, SRM provides a streamlined method for managing this process in a contemporary and easy-to-use user interface that can run in any web browser.

SRM allows a school or district to upload a trial submission of data and receive a report of any of the state’s rules, either warnings or fatal errors, that were violated.  When data have been corrected, a final file can be certified.  At this point, the state agency is assured that the submission meets all the required rules.  States using SRM have benefitted from significant savings in time cleaning data and a tremendous improvement in data quality.

An SRM collection can be established statewide in only a few months with the expertise available from ESP.

For more information, see the solution summary sheet link below.

D3M State Report Manager™ Solution Summary Sheet